Curious about gemini compatibility in friendship and in love? For your next Gemini relationship, check out these zodiac signs that would make friends or enemies.

Are you having trouble keeping your friends because of differences? Or are you wondering how you could bond with someone so much despite only knowing them recently?

If you are looking for answers to these types of questions, then you have come to the right place! As a Gemini, you highly value your relationships – romantic or not. You are also great at breaking the ice by starting small talks to keep the atmosphere lively and comfortable.

To add, you are also very casual, which makes it easy for others to warm up to you. To know which signs make the best friends and the worst enemies, read on!

Zodiac Signs That Make Good Friends and Bad Enemies For A Gemini

gemini friend or enemy

Good Friends for a Gemini

1. Gemini

Nothing like two birds of the same feather flocking together, right? As Geminis are outgoing, having a Gemini best friend would mean that you are always out and about, looking for fun. Being an intellectual individual, having debates and arguments on trending topics will be a massive part of your friendship.

2. Aries

To have an Aries around you would only mean sunshine and rainbows, for both of you like to have the most fun. You would also agree on going on different adventures because you two are ready to try new things. Aries individuals much admire you for being frank, and you respect them for always being patient.

3. Leo

Just to put it out there: this is your ultimate best friend. After meeting them, you will immediately feel the connection and know that something just “clicked.” You and your Leo friends would always opt for outdoor activities, going to concerts, attending parties.

4. Libra

There will be no dull moment with a Libra, as both of you are social butterflies. You could easily talk to them about anything under the sun; they are as talkative as you are! Making decisions together – like where to eat or what to do – might be tricky, but A quick toss coin would quickly solve this with a quick coin toss. You’re both spontaneous!

5. Aquarius

You share with an Aquarius that makes them the right candidate as a best friend because of their wit. They would also be the ones who would bring consistency in your life; they would keep you grounded. Apart from that, you also share a lot of interests when it comes to killing time. Netflix? Reading books in silence? Not a problem at all!

6. Sagittarius

You are the personification of “opposites attract.” Having different views in life and opposite personalities might look like you can’t last a minute with them in a room. But while you are obsessed with the details, the Sagittarius could help you see the bigger picture. You would form a solid friendship with them because they are just like you – social creatures who love going out.

Zodiac Signs That Make Good Friends or Bad Enemies for a Gemini Sign

Worst Enemies for a Gemini

1. Virgo

These are the most boring people you could have in this lifetime. They are very tedious, and it does not help that they have a different set of standards as you. It is also in their nature to notice even the smallest things about you, and this would – obviously – annoy you. It would be hard to keep them around as there seems to be nothing you have in common.

2. Pisces

Knowing that you are careless, these individuals are susceptible. They are easily annoyed, and this is why you can’t get along with them. Their mood swings will turn you off. Apart from their inability to communicate their feelings, you would also have difficulty trusting these people.

In this lifetime, there is no such thing as “perfect.” It is still also best to get to know them personally, as this is just a guide – or more like a warning. Take of it what you will!

Forming relationships with like-minded is what everyone wants, but there is no harm in keeping in touch with individuals who do not see things the way you do. There is so much going on in this world, and it would help to hear from people on the other side. Could they say that the grass is greener on the other side?


Zodiac Signs That Make Good Friends or Bad Enemies for a Gemini Sign