Wondering what makes a Gemini so special? Consider these astrology things that only true Geminis will understand.

It is nice to know that other people share your struggles. Somehow, it’s comforting to know that you are not alone down the road.

Being a Gemini, you appreciate being surrounded by like-minded people, those who would willingly jump on spontaneous plans. But what’s better than being with people who are just like you – other Geminis?

We have rounded up a list of things that only Geminis would understand, considering their interests, hobbies, and personalities. Here are 5 things only Geminis will understand.

5 Things Only True Geminis Will Understand

Things Only True Geminis Will Understand

1. Finishing things is not your forte

It might be your attention span, but you have a hard time ticking things off your to-do list. One second you could be writing your term paper due in three hours; the next, you could find yourself in bed browsing through online shops to look for the cutest top. You easily get bored with just doing one thing, so you would rather find other things to do before going back to your actual task. But fret not! This does not mean you are not productive. You are greatly inspired and motivated by deadlines. Three hours is such a long time when you know you could pull off that paper in under 30 minutes! 

2. Being hyper is a myth. You are just bored

Concerning the first, you could not just sit down and relax. You tend to always be on your toes – literally – and go out and about to look for other things you could exert your energy on. You would always go out and explore different things; from visiting the nearest coffee shop to hitting the cinemas alone, nothing can stop you from leaving your home. But more often than not, you would tag along with your closest friends with you to eat out. They might think that you’re just full of energy, but they are definitely wrong about that!

3. Coming off as attractive to other people

It is natural for Geminis to have that unexplainable charm. Just throwing a simple smile at a stranger could surely turn their whole day around. Some often think of this as an “easy way out,” as you have the power to convince other people to meet the terms you have set. But don’t worry, this is not something bad! It just shows how you could properly explain the pros and cons to other people, which would ultimately result in them favoring your opinion. Apart from being intellectual, you are also physically attractive that would definitely turn other people’s heads.

4. Being the group’s social butterfly

Being an outgoing individual, it is only normal for you to have a lot of friend groups. You thrive in other people’s energies; seeing them happy and living their best life is something that genuinely makes you happy. You also value your relationships dearly – both romantic and not. Giving off an approachable vibe, your friends would run to you should they need a shoulder to cry on or just someone they could spend their time with. You are known to be “everyone’s best friend,” for you are reliable and someone they know they can trust and confide in.

5. Conflicts do not faze you

Compared to other people who are scared in confrontations, handling a conflict is something you are good at. Whether it’s between your romantic partner or watching your siblings fight, you do not think twice about stepping in and making sure that everything will be solved at the end. You also have good judgment, so your opinion is still important to other people, even if you are not directly involved. Additionally, they also trust in you so much that they would go out of their way to ask for your two cents on the matter.

Final Thoughts

With all of that being said, it may be hard to look for other people who could completely understand you. But that’s what other Geminis are for! It is definitely great to know that other individuals act, think, and speak like you.

Here’s to hoping you find the comfort and community you are longing for when the times get tough. As much as you are there for other people, you could surely count on fellow Geminis to be there for you; they would not leave you hanging!


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