Could your relationship with a Gemini girl be coming to an end? Here are some obvious signs that your Gemini woman is done with you.

One of the worst things to happen in a relationship is for it to be suddenly over. One second, you are enjoying each other’s company in a cold afternoon at the park, and then the next, she suddenly decides to leave you for good “just because.”

5 Obvious Signs A Gemini Woman Is Done With You

If you wonder what’s up with your Gemini woman because of her cold and stubborn replies or unexplainable and irrational mood swings, here are some signs that might help everything make sense – she may be done with you.

Obvious Signs A Gemini Woman Is Done With You

1. She is often distracted

Imagine being excited for a date, preparing your clothes, getting all the butterflies in your stomach, only for your girlfriend to feel bored. It definitely sucks, right? When a Gemini woman loves, she loves hard. She gives you all of her attention whenever you two are together, so there is no reason for her mind to wander around during a date – unless she starts losing interest in you.

When this happens, try getting her attention from time to time. If you can, do not ruin the mood. Just go on with the date and talk to her about what’s bothering you before you both go separate ways. She might just be distracted because of personal problems, but communication is key! Feel free to talk to her.

2. She slowly forgets about the important things – big or small

Nothing beats the feeling of having your significant other remember how you do not like pineapples on pizzas or how they would randomly get you that book you have wanted to get your hands on. Admittedly, the little things that people remember about us say a lot – it shows how much they pay attention to the things we say.

When your Gemini woman suddenly forgets to kiss you randomly or misses an annual date, you might start to wonder. Oftentimes, they do not “forget”; it is now more of a question of if they still care or not.

3. She seems like she does not care at all

Concerning the second item, a Gemini woman losing interest in you would show how much she no longer cares about you and your feelings. Should you feel jealous, she would laugh it off and not take you seriously. But before, she would console you and reassure you. Should you feel the urge to get Chinese food, she would tell you to get them alone. But before, without a second thought, she would jump out of bed and accompany you.

Confronting her about this is the best thing because prolonging this for too long would become unhealthy. It might result in the both of you having hard feelings towards one another.

Signs A Gemini Woman Is Done With You

4. She becomes emotionally detached

This is exclusive to Geminis, but it would be the first thing you will notice when they become emotionally detached. If she used to hug you whenever she has the chance, if she is no longer interested in you, expect to never receive a hug from her again. When an argument arises, please take note of her actions. She might raise an eyebrow and leave you be; it would show that she does not care whether who wins or if you would get her point. She would leave all the emotional baggage on you.

No matter how terrifying this sounds, and no matter how scary she looks, do not be afraid to speak up and let yourself be heard. You deserve to be respected, just like anyone else.

5. She makes herself unavailable on purpose

Nothing sucks than having to plan the perfect weekend getaway with your girlfriend, only for her to come up with many lame excuses about how she could not come with you.

When a Gemini woman has (unacceptable) reasons to not spend time with you, please remember that you deserve a lot better than this. No matter how much you love the person, sometimes it’s best just to let it go and choose yourself instead. This serves as a reminder that no one deserves to be stuck in a half-baked relationship.


5 Obvious Signs A Gemini Woman Is Done With You