Unsure of where you stand in your relationship with your Gemini guy? Here are some telltale signs that your Gemini man may be done with you.

Are you up late at night thinking why your Gemini man suddenly feels like he is withdrawing? Is he starting to forget the big things – like important dates – down to the smallest things?

Geminis, by nature, are unpredictable. Even if it is not hard for them to communicate, sometimes, they start doing things independently without considering the feelings of those around them.

5 Clear Signs A Gemini Man Is Done With You

If you are looking for signs to watch out for, read on! Although the list checks out, it is still important to talk to him about this.

Clear Signs A Gemini Man Is Done With You

1. He does not pay attention

One of the best things about going out for dates is how you are with the person 100%. You have their full attention, and you are both living in the moment in your own bubble. But if your Gemini man starts to play mobile games while watching your favorite Netflix show, that is a red flag. When he fails to notice how you look tired and obviously had a bad day, be alarmed.

When Geminis love, they love hard. So if they start showing actions similar to the ones stated above, it is best to talk to them and be frank about your feelings. Sometimes, it could be because they have their own problems. (But not to scare you, this rarely happens!)

2. He would not spare your feelings

Yes, Gemini men are one of the biggest romantics known. However, once they no longer feel that emotional connection, they tend to be rude towards you.

Before, he is great at making you feel loved through the smallest things: he holds the door for you, fills your glass up with water whenever you’re out on a date, or would hold your hand to remind you that he loves you. But when he starts to get detached, he also loses that sense of politeness and just straight up neglects you.

3. He becomes frank and tells you what’s up

As mentioned, Geminis do not have a problem when it comes to speaking their mind. They would call you, ask to meet personally, and tell you how they really feel. Just a warning: they could become harsh. Their words may or may not hurt you, but do not be afraid to call them out on this! Remember that no one should feel like it is okay to offend your feelings, especially if you did nothing wrong in the first place.

His goal in being honest is to lay all cards on the table and tell the truth frees the both of you.

Signs A Gemini Man Is Done With You

4. He ignores your texts and calls

Stop trying to get his attention, sis! If he’s done with you, he really is done with you. No matter how many texts you sent or how many calls you have made, if he really does look at you as someone special, your presence is not something he wants.

You were warned: they could really be rude when they are no longer interested in the person they are dating. So pack your things and go! But it is important to talk things out, as mentioned in the previous item.

5. He would suddenly disappear

Just like a thief in the night, you won’t even hear his footsteps walking away. Commonly known as “ghosting,” this is something Gemini men tend to do, especially when they could not figure out any other way to break things off with their girl. Just plain disrespectful, right? However, this rarely happens because a Gemini man would prefer talking about things in person; it is just in their nature to be communicative.

No matter how men treat you – whether they are a Gemini or not – it is important to keep in mind that they should respect you at the end of the day. As long as you know you did nothing wrong, there is no harm in demanding respect and gratitude from the people you once dated.

If you are experiencing even just one of these signs, call them up and start talking! Maybe you could still save the relationship; there really is no harm in trying.


5 Clear Signs A Gemini Man Is Done With You