Thinking about ways to attract a Gemini woman? Find these helpful tips on ways to flirt with that Gemini girl.

Dating nowadays has become almost laughably easy thanks to the bounty of dating apps people have at their disposal. Through them, you can be anyone you want to be to gain the admiration of virtually anyone you could want.

However, what happens when the phones are down, and you have to meet face-to-face? Although there are certain things you can’t fake, there’s nothing wrong with getting a boost in the right direction to get the girl of your dreams.

If the cutie you’ve been eyeing was born between May 21 and June 21, then you’ve come to the right place. Witty, adventurous, and beautiful Gemini women are definitely in demand, so shoot your shot when you can!

How To Attract a Gemini Woman

Here are 6 things you can do to attract a Gemini woman.

Tips On How To Attract a Gemini Woman

1. Keep the conversation alive

First impressions count when you’re dealing with the Twins. Keep that in mind when you attempt to strike a conversation with a Gemini woman.

Being an air sign, they let themselves go with the flow, which usually takes them to whichever is the next most interesting thing. The worst thing you can do is bore her, so try to find some common ground that you’re both extremely passionate about! It could be the intricate process of making sourdough bread or the marvelous history of chess – whatever it is, lay out everything you’ve got unless you want her to flutter somewhere else.

2. Don’t be afraid to be playful with her

Gemini women don’t take life too seriously. That’s probably one of the things that attracted you to her in the first place, and for a good reason. Everyone loves a person who can not only laugh at others but also at themselves.

So once you feel like you’ve got a good rhythm going with her, keep the momentum going by staying light and breezy. Crack a few jokes here and there, and she may even remember your name.

3. Compliment her beyond her looks

Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini. This makes people with this zodiac sign practical communicators. In a way, this also makes them quite the intellect.

For this reason, if you want your chances to go out with her to go from slim to none, then you can tell her how cute she is or how darling her figure is. This is especially insulting if, after going on a spirited monologue about her greatest travels, all you can say is, “You have such beautiful eyes.” Nope, step it up, dude. Call her brave, passionate, and disciplined. She’ll appreciate you seeing her for more than how she looks.

Fantastic Tips On How To Attract a Gemini Woman

4. Take her to someplace fun and unique for your first date

Once you get to know her even better, you’ll realize that your Gemini love interest has a natural, child-like curiosity. This will probably be one of the biggest things that would make you fall in love with her in the first place.

To satisfy her never-ending thirst for all things new and exciting, pick out a unique place for your first date that would surely pique her interest. You could opt to indulge her creative side by taking her to a different kind of painting class.

Perhaps you could go the other route and invite her for an activity that would get her sweat going. Whatever it is, make sure that the date’s redeeming factor isn’t just that it’s out of this world. Make sure it’s up to her alley too.

5. Don’t be too clingy too soon – or maybe ever!

The thing about air signs is that settling down for them is almost synonymous with giving up on life – or, at least, all the best things about it. You have to understand that your Gemini woman can’t be told what to do. For better or worse, she’ll do anything to fuel her passions and satisfy her curiosity. If you’re alright with that, you should know well enough to give her the space she needs.

Being smitten with a Gemini woman has its pros and cons. The good thing about it is that you don’t really need to try too hard to get their attention, as long as you’re easygoing and fun to be around. The real challenge is in trying to get them to stay. Good luck!


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