Wondering what some of the Gemini weaknesses are? Here are a few of the negative Gemini personality traits you might not know about yet.

One of the first things that a complete zodiac newbie should know about Geminis is that they are ruled by Mercury. If you’ve read up on Greek mythology, then you’d know that Mercury, also known as Hermes, is infamous for his mischief and lies.

Perhaps this is partly due to his role as a messenger for the gods, where he had to be sneaky and creative to get things done. But then this may also be who he is as a person.

Whatever the case may be, Geminis can get a similarly bad reputation. But do they deserve it? To help you arrive at your own answer to that question, here are Gemini’s negative traits and weaknesses.

Gemini Negative Traits And Weaknesses You Should Know About

Gemini Negative personality Traits

1. They can be inconsistent

In your own group of friends, is there one person who, whether unintentionally or otherwise, tells different versions of the same story depending on who they’re talking to? If you’ve nodded your head in exasperation, then you, unfortunately, may have a Gemini on your hands.

These folks are known to be inconsistent with not only their stories but also even with their behavior, attitude, and mood. No one can really be sure if they do this intentionally. However, just to be safe, the next time you hear a rumor from a Gemini, fact-check it as you would a bad Wikipedia article.

2. They can be flakey

Geminis are air signs. If you’re an Earth sign, say, a Taurus, run in the other direction the next time you meet an air sign if you know what’s best for you. Alright… it may not be that bad, but the fact is that air signs are notoriously flakey.

It doesn’t really weigh heavily on their shoulders when they cancel plans at the last minute. This is mostly because of their natural impulsivity. Since most Geminis are fun and out-going, they usually just let the moment take them wherever it wants to go – with little regard for other people and other plans. 

3. They can be nosey

Here’s a fact: most Geminis out there are incredibly intelligent and creative. Take, for example, actress, philanthropist, and all-around legend Angelina Jolie. This intelligence is mainly rooted in their need to satisfy their curiosity.

While this can obviously be a great strength, it can also be an annoying weakness when they start sticking their noses in other people’s business. Again, as Earth signs, they get into the smallest nooks and crannies, which is why it’s can be really challenging telling a Gemini to back off and mind their own business. 

Gemini weaknesses

4. They can be immature

Ask anyone who’s obsessed with all things zodiac and they can tell you that Geminis are the liveliest of all air signs (sorry Libra and Aquarius). They’re that friend that would invite you to do something first just because it’s fun, without considering that paper you have to cram in 2 hours.

Although some people would find this fun and even charming, others would find it quite childish and irresponsible. For this reason, Geminis are often pegged as the Peter Pans of the zodiac – they refuse to grow up because then they’d be forced to have less time for games and more time to attend to their responsibilities.

5. They can be insensitive

Combine intelligence with a carefree nature, and you have someone who never has any time to sit down to talk about feelings. If you’re a water sign reading this and you fancy a Gemini, consider moving on to better prospects.

As mentioned, Geminis are naturally curious. However, they wouldn’t want to know what you’re feeling unless it is of great personal interest or benefit to them. 

6. They can be sarcastic

Sarcasm may come across as witty and playful. Surely, even you use it sometimes. However, with Geminis, sarcasm is almost a personality trait. Since they use it so often, it can get real annoying real fast. Soon, they’re the only one left laughing in the room; this is fine because they can quickly find something else that’s more interesting.

If someone you know was born between May 21 or June 20, don’t write them off just yet. Take note that the weaknesses listed above don’t apply to all Geminis. Better yet, these supposedly negative traits can be positive with more evolved Geminis.


Gemini personality Negative Traits And Weaknesses You Should Know About