Learn about the Gemini constellation and its history. Here are interesting facts and mythology about the Gemini Twins.

Astrology is an interesting field to take a deeper look into. It is amazing to think how something as big as the universe has influence over who we are – our personalities and perspectives, just to name a few.

If you are born between May 20 – June 20, your sun sign (or basically, your zodiac sign) is Gemini. In the field of astronomy, Gemini is a constellation in the northern celestial hemisphere and remains to be one of the 88 modern constellations defined by the International Astronomical Union (IAU).

Gemini Constellation – Learn Facts About The Gemini Twins

Gemini constellation

Facts About Gemini

Gemini, in Latin, means “twins”, which is obviously the symbol of the zodiac. People who are Geminis are known to be intelligent and outgoing; they seem to never run out of energy. However, they could be impulsive and inconsistent, as if they suddenly unlearned how to think things through. But, of course, these do not define our fellow Geminis! There is so much more to learn about them and their zodiac sign.

  • The constellation of Gemini is among the first constellations to be listed by Ptolemy, a Greco-Roman astronomer.
  • Being the 30th largest constellation, it occupies an area of 514 square degrees. Its neighbor constellations are Cancer, Taurus, Orion, and Canis Minor, among others.
  • Since it is the most northern constellation compared to the different zodiacs, Gemini can be easily seen in the northern hemisphere during the winter. Due to the sun’s glare, Gemini cannot be spotted from late spring to early summer.
  • The closest giant star to us is Pollux, being only 34 light-years away. It is also the 18th brightest star in the night sky.
  • Castor is the 23rd brightest star in our sky.
  • The Geminids are a meteor shower that comes around every December 13-14.
  • The twin stars – Castor and Pollux – might look like they are close with one another, but they are actually very far apart. Pollux is an orange star and is the brightest, while Castor is a group of six stars.

gemini twin constellation

Myths About Gemini

  • There are a lot of stories – both from Greek and Roman mythology – that tell us about Castor and Pollux, the twins.
  • The constellation is highly associated with Castor and Pollux. The two are the inspiration behind the symbol of Gemini, which is the twins.
  • Though they were born from the same mother, the Queen of Sparta, the twins have different fathers; Castor’s father was the King of Sparta, but Pollux’s was the Greek god Zeus.

Who are the Geminis?

  • Right off the bat, Geminis are seen as people who are quick on their toes. They are smart, witty, and confident.
  • On the flip side, Geminis could be indecisive and inconsistent. One second, they could want this thing, but on the next, they would want another. Their impulsivity is something to look out for as well!
  • Being ruled by the planet Mercury, they have no problem with communicating their feelings. They are straightforward most of the time, and they highly appreciate honesty and transparency from the people around them.
  • Others might see them as immature, but the Geminis have the ability to see the good in everything. Though they do not, it looks like they take things lightly. They are a very happy-go-lucky zodiac; they are literally a ball of sunshine!

gemini stars

Getting to know the zodiacs more is an interesting thing you could do. Being well-versed in your own zodiac also helps you get to know yourself even more, and find explanations to emotions and phenomena that seemed unexplainable at first.

Yes, astrology is not backed by science – there is no hard evidence to prove its claims – but it’s just beautiful to think how our ancestors relied on the placements of celestial bodies to describe certain phenomena. Lying down and looking at the night sky is an underrated thing to do.

Just appreciating the little objects that twinkle and be amazed at something so massive feels overwhelming. If you are not doing anything better tonight, you might want to skip that Netflix night and go out, have yourself a glass of wine and bask under the moonlight and connect the stars!


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